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 Citizens may now use the search function to search for Building Permits.

In LICENSING:  Search or pay fees for Business Tax accounts, Abandoned Property, Landlord, and Neighborhood Preservation registrations, and Annual Fire Inspection fees.

In CODE COMPLIANCE:  Search or pay for Code Compliance and Fire Inspection cases. 

If you wish to search for or pay any fees, you MUST create an account as a registered user (see top of screen), then search for the business. 

 Until eTRAKiT is fully implemented, please follow these instructions to obtain other services:

To Schedule a Building Inspection, call 954-344-1025.

To obtain a new Building Permit, visit the Building Division at 9500 W. Sample Rd..

To schedule a Fire Inspection, call 954-346-1396.

If you are having trouble paying online, please contact us by phone, 954-344-5964, or by email, code@coralsprings.org or csbusinesstax@coralsprings.org.




Code Compliance